How A Stellium in a Sign Affects You

Stellium: A Cluster of Planets in the Birth Chart

Maybe you were born at a moment when Mercury, Mars, and Neptune all happened to be in Capricorn. That means you approach matters of communication, action, and spirituality very much like a Capricorn read: you probably choose your words carefully, you're very impatient, and you almost definitely worship logic over any other deity. In other words, with so many planets hanging out in Capricorn, you're bound to exhibit quite a few Goat-like traits.

Of course, having a stellium doesn't automatically reduce your personality to a single note.

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Remember, we are all beautiful, complex beings. And, as astrologer Donna Cunningham writes , a stellium is simply a major area of focus in your life, which may manifest as a challenge to overcome or a guiding force, rather than a behavioral death sentence. Observing how your stellium influences your decisions can indicate what you're really passionate about. For instance, it'd make perfect sense if you had the moon, Venus, and Mars all in Pisces and you sought out emotional honesty and creativity in your partners.

Discovering that you have a stellium can also help you understand your personality on a deeper level, especially if you've never really identified with your sun sign a.

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There's a good chance that your behavior more closely resembles the sign that has the stellium. Learning about any potential stellia you may have in your birth chart might not change how you read your regular horoscope completely, but it will give you a better idea of your complete astrological makeup. Some say 1 or 2 degrees, while others allow up to 5 degrees. But with the stellium, a more sweeping orb is allowed, as long as they're in the same zodiac sign.

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  5. The closer the planets are, the greater the potency. Many times the planets are in the same house , but not always. It's more challenging to interpret charts where the stellium lies over a cusp, the dividing line between two houses.

    THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House

    The most striking stellium—and easiest to see at play—are close in orb and in the same house. Donna Cunningham's ebook " The Stellium Handbook " is about this pattern. Writes Donna. Her main thesis is that the "sequence of planets in the stellium Astrologer Kevin Burk writes that a key issue with the stellium is balance.

    Astrology - DO YOU HAVE A STELLIUM?

    In " Understanding the Birth Chart ," he writes that a transit opposite your stellium gives you that chance to find balance. And finally, on Aug. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what all of this means astrologically. While the fast-moving moon will only be in Virgo through Aug. So how will the energy of these major astrology planets play out in the sign of Virgo? Stardust weighed in.

    THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House : Lynn Koiner - Astrological Research

    It's a good placement — made especially enjoyable following July's messy Mercury retrograde period. How about our resident love and sex planets , Venus and Mars? Venus in Virgo can also make us a little cranky and nit-picky in love, so be careful of getting overly-critical of your crush or S.