ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

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You are able to see solutions when can only see obstacles. You are able to see a way out, when people can only see an imposing and intimidating wall. Not surprisingly, you are an optimistic, innovative, and very hopeful person.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Lovers born on February 5th are loving, gentle, and nurturing. You really go out of your way to truly understand your partner. It takes quite a bit to get on your wrong side. You are so forgiving by nature that you are in danger of turning into an emotional doormat. This is your biggest challenge as far as matters of the heart are concerned. As far as your friendships go, you have a wide latitude because you pretty much get along with everybody.

However, when it comes to romantic relationships, stay away from people who are emotional parasites. These people soak up a lot of your positivity and optimism and give very little back. Worst of all, they tend to be abusers. Unfortunately, you tend to attract these types of people because you are so gentle and nurturing. By practicing a little bit of skepticism, and a healthy level of suspicion you can go a long way in picking partners that you truly deserve. Those with a birthday on February 5th of February tend to make great designers, engineers, and architects.

You just have a knack for turning things that are not real into things that you can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. In other words, you can turn ideas into reality. You are not the type of person who can quickly solve a very serious and entrenched problem instantly. You often go through many different iterations. You often have to break up certain prototypes or certain alternative solutions to eventually piece together the solution that would work best. The good news is, unlike other Aquarius people, you are not a Prima Donna.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

As long as you have the right resources, you will deliver on time. The natives of this zodiac sign born on February 5 are great dreamers. When they are stressed about relationships in their lives and have some difficult role models in their parents, they can be quite distant from the idea of love with another human being, and turn to idealism of one divine love for everyone, to support their humanitarian inner strivings. As time goes by and they slowly start to live the nature of a true Aquarius, they will open their hearts for the world bit by bit.

Sun enters Sagittarius

In many cases, they meet someone when they get older or when they have already made vast changes in their lives that separate them from the family tree and the past they have been tied by. Still, their greatest inspiration seems to be bound in the sense of freedom, and they need a partner to give them just that. A typical Aquarius representative, each person born on the 5th of February has a brain to support them in whatever they choose to do.

They will excel as scientists, researchers, astrologers, pilots and engineers, and express well through spoken and written word. Learning through life and with the flow of it, they don't need much education to find use in everything they stumble upon. It is their wit and fast, curious mind that guides the way. If they discover their talents soon enough, their search for freedom will be much easier. Still, it is never too late for them to follow their inspiration. The stone of perfect color and characteristics for people born on the 5th of February is aquamarine.

This is a crystal in strong connection with the throat chakra and Mercury, and it will help them express their true Self while still in touch with their divine purpose. This stone resonates with the ocean and helps one connect with the nature spirits of the sea, and with it all waters influenced and seen through the Moon.

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It is a stone to aid in connecting the brain with the heart, to develop awareness of true emotional challenges, finding a way to talk about them and find resolution. Individuals born on this date will enjoy a gift they can read or work with, something they can touch, bend and write on. All sorts of electronic gadgets will intrigue them, so go with one they don't have yet and it will keep them busy for weeks.

They will enjoy mind games, puzzles and all sorts of video games, for as long as they aren't too conservative or repetitive and have enough speed to keep them on edge. Try not to do anything too silly today. Try not to do anything that even by your standards is way over the top. To you it may be just a piece of harmless fun but other people may not be so relaxed about it.

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There are limits Aries. If you are having doubts about a financial matter it may well be that your subconscious mind is trying to inform you of something you need to know. Shut out all the noisy chatter and listen to your inner voice. Then do what it tells you. Something you thought was quite straightforward will take a turn for the worse and to begin with you will be at a loss to know why.

There are though a number of clues which can help you. Why do you believe what you believe? That question will be much on your mind today. You need to find out if your thoughts are your own thoughts or if, as you suspect, they are thoughts that have been planted in your head by other people. Since when have you been the sort to care what the world thinks of you? Let them know about it. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to put up with second rate work. Stay calm and stay focused on your No.

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  • With the sun moving through the most dynamic area of your chart most things will go well for you now but there will inevitably be a setback or two. If someone offers you some kind of deal today you would be wise to think about it long and hard before accepting. According to the planets there could be strings attached — the kind that tie you in knots rather than hold you up!

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    The reason a loved one is acting a little bit cold toward you at the moment is because you said or did something that upset them. If you have no idea what it is then you must ask them. They are, after all, more sensitive than you.