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The Wood element enables him to discipline his mind better and he will be capable of clear and systematic thinking. The Wood Horse will have a happy disposition and be very active in social affairs.

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Amusing and a good conversationalist, he is not overly egoistical and will not constantly vie for the headlines. But, as he is progressive, modern and unsentimental, he will throw out the old and welcome in the new. Charges and new inventions capture his imagination and he will not shrink from trying the unconventional. He will like to explore many other fields but will try hard to fulfill his responsibilities first.

The strong, high-spirited and sanguine Wood Horse does not have a lazy bone in his body, but he would do well to learn to be more cautious and discerning. Fire Horse - , , , A flamboyant and itinerant Horse with a superb intellect and great personal magnetism. He tries to bring about the changes he desires through force and sheer willpower.

This is a double Fire sign Fire also being the Horse's fixed element , and it will produce a native who is highly excitable and hot blooded. The Fire Horse is easily distracted and is too inconsistent to stick to repetitious tasks. He has flair, wit and charm but his continuous stream of bright ideas makes him extremely volatile. His personality is many-faceted and he requires a great deal of spice and variety in his life. He is happiest leading a double or triple life or having several professions to his credit. He will love to travel, anticipates action and change and works most efficiently when put in charge.

He rarely accepts supervision from others, even his superiors. The Fire Horse is a thrill-seeker. He can sort out and deal with all kinds of people and situations within a minute's notice. He is skillful at resolving sticky affairs but is not above being argumentative. This type of Horse will have the gifts of ingenuity and resourcefulness but not perseverance.

Earth Horse - , , , A happy, congenial Horse; more precise and slow moving. He is apt to be more logical but less decisive. He likes to consider all sides of a question before acting. With Earth as his element, he will be less abrupt. He can settle down and learn to toe the line when necessary. He offers less resistance to authority.

Still, he is a finely tuned animal with an ability to sniff out feasible investments. He can bring shaky business back to life and give impetus to lagging industries. Although he is the look-before-you-leap type, he is, nonetheless, very capricious about little things and will not make up his mind easily.

He may hedge on one occasion and then take on more than he can handle on another.

What are the characteristics of a Horse in Chinese zodiac?

Year of RAT. A difficult year for the Horse. Problems and unhappy romantic involvements. He must steer clear of confrontation, especially with the law. Some monetary troubles in the family. A time for the Horse to be cautious and persevering. Should not lend or borrow money. Life will be smoother for the Horse in the year of the Ox. He will still have to work hard to achieve his goals but he will be given the power to control his own situation.

Few untoward incidents and some monetary gains are in store for him. Problems tend to come from children or subordinates. A moderately happy year for the Horse. No health problems but a lot of entertainment and additional expenses foreseen. Advancement in his studies or on the technical side of his profession can be expected.

Disputes or broken friendships could result from his losing his temper this year.

Female Horse in Love

A lucky year for the Horse, especially in his investments. His life will be smooth but very involved. He can expect happy news or new members in the family. A protected year in which he can venture anywhere and encounter few problems.

A mixed year. Many unsteady and unsettled affairs try the Horse's patience and worries weigh upon his mind, causing health problems. He must not expect the worst.

Horse (马) - Annual 2019 Horoscope

The storm will blow itself out and there may not be as much damage as predicted. A time to look to the bright side of life, cultivate friends and placate enemies. A busy, involved year that brings taxing demands on the Horse's time and energy. Difficulties come from partners or friends and delays are caused by unseen obstacles. He will find support in his family but cannot expect a great deal of achievement in spite of all his efforts. A good and prosperous year for the Horse.


Recognition or promotion brings him satisfaction and happiness. Plans are realized without much effort and he will be lucky playing his hunches. A year in which the Horse is also susceptible to contagious disease, so he must not visit sick people or expose himself unnecessarily. He must not break friendships or partnerships this year.

A moderate year for the Horse. Changes in residence or a long trip are indicated. The good balances out the bad this year and no serious problems or worries affect him. A lucky year for the Horse, as sudden gains or unlikely benefits are foresee. He will be able to find whatever he is searching for, but he must also be careful about freak accidents that are likely to occur.

There may be sad news in the family, but the troubles of others will not affect him personally. A fair year.

Year of the Horse: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Good tidings at home but slight disturbances in career. The problems he encounters will not be large ones but they may slow down his progress and he will tend to get upset too easily. Year of DOG. A good year for the Horse academically. He could pass exams with honors or be given a job he has sought after. Important people will notice him. A lawsuit in the family or the departure of a loved one is indicated. No health problems or financial setbacks are foreseen. Year of BOAR.

Characteristics of the Metal Horse

Not-so-favorable year as some of the Horse's success is destroyed by outside interference and illness delays plans and progress. Investments and projects develop snags and he must deal with many complications. His troubles should start to fade with the onset of winter.

Unhappiness and strong animosities. Personality clashes and bitter rivalry in marriage an business relations. Highly incompatible. Not very lasting or congenial ties. Some barriers in communications. Few similar interests. Cool relationships. Excellent and happy match in love or business.

No troubles trsuting or communicating with each other. Highly compatible team. Do not have much in common.