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Web browsing can be safer with HTTPS connection, so we suggest that it should be obtained for this site. Country of origin for 2. It lies approximately miles away from the server location United States and such a long distance can negatively affect website speed, as it takes some time for data to travel back and forth between those places.

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Why would I want to do something like that? Why would I want my friends to know my behavoral pattern on various websites when I could just send them directly to what I want them to see? The crux is that I see no value in the data, to me, in the first place. Thus, I have no reason to control it, re-use it, or the like. Yes, it's valuable to Google and Amazon, but not to me. Certainly not to my friends, nor can I think of a reason to see my friends' data. I'm shocked.

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I had no idea that a real person would respond to your blog. I also had no idea that as an individual this information would be useful for me to track. I wouldn't mind being able to prevent certain sites from tracking my history while visiting their website. At least then if I had the info and they didn't, I'd have something of little value to me that would be of potentially great value to them. In fact Thanks for the chance to have this dialogue, Eric.

I agree that our site needs to be redesigned, and we actually just began that process, working with CivicActions which develops Drupal sites for nonprofits and political campaigns and Failure Factory graphic and UI designers. FF was involved in the original site design, but they deserve no blame for the garish, old skool buttons, which I added later. The problem stems from the fact that the original site was thrown up over a weekend, by folks working with no resources at a time when we weren't really sure who our audience was or what they'd be doing on the site.

All that's evolved considerably, but the site hasn't, and we're still a nonprofit working on a shoestring, so progress has been slow. But a substantially revised site should be up within 8 weeks. The other problem is the insufficiently clear language, and that's related to a point I just made on Mysterious Traveler's site. We're in the process of moving from communicating with a relatively technical audience of people who've been working on these issues for a while to communicating with a much larger audience that's not familiar with what we're talking about.

The language needs to be revamped so that it's clearer and more straightforward, and the architecture needs to be revamped to that people find what they're looking for more easily. I know all this, but your comments make it clear to me how far we have yet to go, and I appreciate the effort you took to explore the site and share your feedback. Looking beyond our site, what's the value of all this data? Perhaps you don't, but a lot of people have a degree of "digital narcissism," and they're interested in themselves.

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Gather and display attention data, and you come up with some fascinating views on who you are. For example, here's my Last. By gathering and correlating attention data, services will be able to help you discover new articles, music, videos, etc. Just reverse the equation in 2 above--instead of recommending content you're likely to find of interest, an attention service could recommend a person on the same basis. Look at contextual ads in search results as a starting point.

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The search engine knows what you're interested in, based on your search terms--attention data--and provides ads that are likely to be relevant to your needs. Extend that process in any number of ways. Rather than being intrusive, irrelevant, and unwanted, ads will become the opposite--they'll be directly relevant to our needs and interests. And not because marketers will suddenly turn into wonderful people who care deeply about you, but because they'll have to do this.

With so many systems being developed that allow us to avoid irrelevant ads Tivo, satellite radio, popup blockers, just for starters , marketers realize that they need to understand what we're interested in and act accordingly. They're done it for years on a clandestine basis, but people are a lot savvier and more resistant to those tactics. And we're also willing to share information about ourselves if we believe we'll get something of sufficient value in return.

One final point--sharing links with friends is fine, but it takes a lot of effort and time and it doesn't scale very well. What we need are systems that essentially operate in the background--but with our full awareness, our permission, and under our control--that allow us to capture this data and share it with people in very efficient way. Think of it as taking tagging to the next level. Thanks again. Ed Batista AttentionTrust.

Ah, an order of magnitude clearer than any previous discussion about the topic! Oh, sure. The part that confused me was that I already know about me because I'm me. To use the last. From what you've just said though, that's not the part I should be looking at at all Maybe something along the line of "more relevant content finds you" since it's about things getting to you rather than the other way around.

I disagree. Taking link sharing as an example, I and I assume Windows users too can post a link to a blog with a single click and two keystrokes not counting any description I want to add of course.

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That's not far from being as efficient as possible and I'm not an expert blogger. Thanks for your patience--it's been a very helpful discussion for me. Bingo--and well said.

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