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I am writing to you as a fixed line customer and a three-decade long loyal Batelco customer.

Bahrain In One, May 21, 2019

I visited your Sanad branch on January 18 as I am moving house and needed to have my phone and Internet line moved over. There are days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date: - Henry of Navarre is recognised as head of Huguenot Party in France. After repeated calls, I am finally told that no order was ever submitted and they would have someone from the sales department call me to take my order over phone to save me another trip to Batelco. After not getting any call, I once again called the call centre and was told that no such request exists, and that I had to visit Batelco again!

She later defeats the Republican candidate in November, becoming the only first lady ever elected to public office. However, without details such as the protest in front of the US Embassy demanding to be paid wages they claim they are owed for working on American farms and railroads 60 years ago. The Mexicans came as guest workers starting in under an agreement aimed at filling US labour shortages caused by the Second World War.

Police gun down at least four people, some as they try to break into a US military base.

The trial follows a more than year investigation. Consider keeping a close eye on income and outgoings in the next 10 days. Despite this, there can be a brighter side, as a way to introduce a new income scheme may emerge from past enterprise and hard work. Pisces February 20th - March 20th Take things as they come, and be content with modest improvement.

As Mercury reverts in your sign, you may find plans on hold or delayed. Yet, the Quarter Moon urges you to avoid a known tittle-tattler. Aries March 21st - April 20th Making an inventory of your talents and resources may give you the reassurance you need to prevent self-doubts. Think back to what you have achieved in the past, and you might realise how much you have to offer. Bolstering your confidence could be enough to encourage a new start, and maximise your full talents, Aries. An enthusiastic approach to succeeding at an important goal could be infectious, enticing others to register your potential for future plans.

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Gemini May 22nd - June 21st Have you come up against a blank wall concerning a project, or perhaps a career matter? If so, it may be due to Mercury as it begins its retrograde phase. Things may seem to be in an unfortunate muddle. Greater creativity is the key. We therefore request the customer to provide these details via the GDN so that we can take the necessary steps to complete the order without delay.

But in my case, it is very clear that it is wrong. I applied for mobility on December 31, and as per my termination letter, the last date that I was to travel was January Which way is LMRA right in this aspect? Has it done justice?

Bahrain school calls Indian couple to pay fee of dead daughter

There is no use charging BD10 and not taking care of the employee, but indirectly supporting only the employer. I have been working as chief accountant in a reputed cleaning company since Now the business in Bahrain is struggling. Like most of the companies in Bahrain, we have also problems in collecting our receivables. Approximately expats are working in our company. It is very onerous for us to pay our monthly overheads. Under such conditions the respected authorities are very cruel to threaten that if companies are not paying their LMRA outstandings within four weeks they will cancel the residence permit of expats.

I am requesting the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry to do something. Ekkanath Apology in order! This is a truly regrettable and irresponsible statement.

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It constitutes an insult, especially to the old and established Bahraini families who have always pioneered the import of medicines in the Gulf, and to pharmacy owners at large. Pharmacies in Bahrain conform to the highest standards of professionalism and prices are in line with other Gulf states, with the exception of Saudi Arabia due to its sheer size. NHRA previously claimed that the pharmacy market in Bahrain was rampant with fake medication — a statement they soon had to withdraw.

The NHRA accused the Health Ministry of not having controls in place for the dispensation of controlled medicines; a claim that was proven false. The new price controls being introduced are the result of the long and hard labour of all the GCC health ministries; certainly the NHRA should not be claiming accolades for it, they are just implementing what has been in the works for a long time.

We also reiterate that pharmacy owners were always and continue to be in support for any change that benefits the consumer. I t is a norm in every country that some people prefer fanning the fire to dampening disputes between brothers. We have co-existed together for decades and there are many interlinked marriages between Sunnis and Shias.

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  4. Do we realise what would be the impact on their children due to the present tribulation? We have to battle on different fronts to inspire a renewed sense of confidence amongst locals and foreigners that Bahrain is safe — politically, economically and for tourism. Hopefully there will be a reconciliation between brothers which would enhance the enthusiasm of His Majesty King Hamad to further advance the fledgling democratic environment. Love and respect should be our guiding aim. Mansoor M Ali Khan If various tensions have been spiralling, you might seek solace by connecting with a good friend or group with whom you can discuss your issues.

    A sociable blend of energies spotlights an opportunity to relax in the company of those you feel most at home with.

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    Their insights and encouragement could be crucial to you today. Leo July 24th - August 23rd Opting to help out someone close may conflict with the things you want to focus on.

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    However, a willingness to chip in could have additional benefits, even though this is less likely to be the first thing on your mind. Virgo August 24th - September 23rd As Mercury starts to rewind, this may not be such a great time to forge ahead with key plans and ideas. Libra September 24th - October 23rd Delays and frustrations could be more apparent, as Mercury regresses for the coming three weeks.

    The part of your horoscope influenced is the one to do with details, completing work efficiently, etc. So, with this in mind, just be conscious of not giving anyone an opportunity to criticise you, by taking your eye off anything like this. Scorpio October 24th - November 22nd A sense of relaxation and fun may help nudge a romantic liaison in a more intimate direction. However, there is also a Quarter Moon, suggesting that someone immediately around you may be glum or out of sorts. Sagittarius November 23rd - December 21st Though social relationships could be flourishing, you may face a dilemma on the home front.

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    Yet, Jupiter in Cancer hints that introducing a witty approach into how you handle these people may actually help to move the moment. Capricorn December 22nd - January 20th Being too trusting could put you at a disadvantage, so try not to put too much stock in promises. Mercury starts the first of its three annual rewinds, and agreements forged with trusted allies may be better than linking with someone new. Yet, when it comes to generating new and imaginative ideas, you can be very productive.

    Call Call for information. Classes for all ages, Victoria Dance, Hamala and Umm Al Hassam — ballet, tap, modern jazz, hip-hop, break dance, contemporary, stretch, combat, bokwa, river dance, singing, guitar, piano, musical theatre, dance fusion. Call for more information. Bahrain Ballet Centre classes held at the US Navy Base, Juffair, ballet 5pm-6pm years , ballet 6pm-7pm years , dancing 7pm-8pm for adults.

    Dance classes, Harmony Music Gate, street dance beginners years , 3. Hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, musical instruments classes, karate classes and art classes, 9am-7pm.