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Developments that are due to come to light in a totally unexpected way could completely transform your appreciation of one special person. You may be pushed into reconsidering a whole series of emotional commitments. The one thing you can do without, though, are yet more personal complications. This is a splendid moment for a spot of extravagance. Press on at work and in love, but realise that if you try to exert undue pressure on partners, it will probably rebound on you.

You might even want to experiment with a bit of gentle behind-the-scenes manipulation.

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You should be concentrating on creating a better atmosphere at work, and encouraging more pleasant conditions all round. If your job involves people rather than things, you are poised to do very well indeed. Show colleagues that you are concerned with their interests and all should be well. During the past few weeks you have begun to find your feet. Most important now is your recognition that emotional relationships pervade every aspect of human activity, including work.

In fact, I remember reading that their readership has soared in the past year, so maybe the chaos has been good for their bottom line? All kinds of blame to go around! Node Aquarius , which opposes Inauguration Uranus Aries.

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More future passages to watch: Transiting Jupiter —now retrograde, but turning direct in July—is another interesting point to watch in regards to the Post. Will they break another history-making story around that time? Lobbying for what, we might ask?

Is Trump afraid that Bezos might consider a presidential bid? Trump clearly wants a media network dedicated to supporting his narratives, so why would he expect any better of Bezos? This transit will be ongoing through midterm elections and into , so the gloves will be off as though they are ever not off, with Trump. A package on every porch…Amazon. So why does Donald Trump get into such a vicious stew over the success of this company? Could there be a history of bruised feelings between Amazon and the Trump Organization over business practices or goals?

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Daughter Ivanka certainly has a presence on the site, despite the conflicts of interest posed by her position in the White House a problem that applies to Dad, as well. One way or another, Trump seems determined to harm both Amazon and the Post. Over the past week, Mr. Trump has privately complained about two particular Post stories, White House aides and others said: a March 30 article that documented problems at a White House office that vets political appointees and another the following day that depicted Mr.

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Trump is being encouraged to cancel a multibillion-dollar contract between Amazon and the Pentagon to provide cloud computing services, sources told Vanity Fair. More specifically, the competitive ability to harness data and compute resources, where AWS offers important strategic value to the U. Trump persisted in attacks that ran counter to the material they had showed him. In fact, the Post is featuring a piece this morning that points to a deep cultural divide between Trump and Amazon :.

We might also wonder if Trump has a buyer in mind for the Post, once he's succeeded in disabling it Sinclair? Cambridge Analytica? Steve Bannon? Will Trump succeed in sidelining Amazon and Bezos before the election? Biwheel 2: inner wheel Amazon. IPO, May 15, , a. Another campaign speech, for all intents and purposes.


The trine between Inauguration Moon and Amazon Ceres Pisces evokes an image of a scorpion seeking out the soft underbelly of a target in case it needs to attack. Inauguration Pallas is also conjunct 8 th house Amazon Ceres , perhaps reflecting legal challenges Trump has intended to pose for the company from day one.

The inconjunct between this intense Scorpio Moon and Amazon Venus and the implied Venus-Ceres square from Gemini to Pisces suggests that Amazon profits and stock values could remain under threat. Working well with others is an important part of the plan, undoubtedly Jupiter and Uranus fall in the 7 th and 8 th , however they tend to do this from a position of strength. Their Trump-promoted Saturn cycle challenge will force some adjustments—and to the extent that Amazon operates like a lb.

The new Aquarius Jupiter-Saturn cycle beginning at the end of will likely be an important passage in regards to this choice.