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Sagittarius are all sunny optimism, and hopelessly impressionable.

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Primarily an intellectual sign, Sagittarius do not have your capacity for deep emotions and passion, nor your sharp intuition. They see themselves as basically objective and rational, but you understand that facts can be deceptive.

You find all this talk wearing. But Sagittarius watch the Discovery Channel for kicks.

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Good grief! While Sagittarius fantasize about taking a trek through Africa, you just want to chill out in your hammock at home. But these low-brow flights of fantasy make Sagittarius leave the room in disgust.

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The TV remote control wars begin — troubles, troubles. And it gets worse: You are a compassionate water sign, but your Sagittarius is brutally honest. They will delay commitment as long as possible, for they have bigger things to do first. Sexually, they want a light touch without all the opera. Okay, okay, I have laid it on rather thick.

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I can hear you protest that you love your Sagittarius. Perhaps you have a lot of fire and air in your chart, which would make this union work. My advice is to know one another well before you make plans for the future. Stay together for at least a few years. What if you already know you love him or her?

Weekends, according to both of you, are just made to while away together in bed. Taurus are patient and like to take their time with lovemaking, much to your delight.

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Taurus will never rush, for they approach love the way they would approach a fine meal — with relish, great anticipation, and a discriminating palate to make it a perfect experience overall. Both of you are possessive and prone to jealously, so luckily you understand each other. Taurus will just shake off your anger with a shrug, knowing these clouds will pass. You two favor a daily routine over constant changes in your lifestyle, which you both find exhausting and a waste of time. Fidelity will be strong in this match because neither of you could bear telling your life stories to one stranger after another.

This combination is a positive yes!

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